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6 Trendy BBQ Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests 

BBQ season is well and truly upon us. Its time to get your grill on. If you are anything like us, you love being outdoors in the sunshine relaxing with friends & family, playing garden games, listening to music, drinking cocktails and eating great food. We don’t tend to do traditional BBQ’s at all……you will never see a burger or hot dog anywhere near our family BBQ’s. Here are what we believe to be the top trendy BBQ ideas in Berkshire. 

1. Snacks

Instead of going for peanuts, crisps and bread sticks. Why not opt for a trendy grazing board. Homemade dips with chopped herbs, olive oil, garlic & balsamic vinegar, houmous flavoured to suit your taste. Charcuterie served on a platter with olives, fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds and a selection of breads. This makes for a crowd pleaser, as there is guaranteed to be something on there for everyone.

2. Cocktails

Always check with your guests what they are going to drink. It saves you having wastage or the embarrassment of not having something for everyone. Make sure you have lots of ice to store your drinks to keep them cool, as well as serving them. Pre made cocktails are handy as it saves you having to mix them with each request. You can prepare these in pitchers or Kilner drink dispensers. Alternatively, you can prepare some fruit in some glasses and place in separate bowls. These can be used as a “design your own cocktail station”, spirits, mixers and ice Design your own 

3. Food

Create a trendy deluxe BBQ by going for unusual cuts like individual Cote de Boeuf, Picanha, butterflied leg of lamb or a whole fish. Anything that needs to cook for long, try to avoid sweet marinades as these burns easily. Limit the amount of oil that you use to marinate as it will cause flare ups when on the grill. Any marinating that can be done overnight go for it! This will ensure all the yummy flavours soak into the meat. Be sure to cover the raw meat and store on the bottom shelf of the fridge to avoid cross contamination.  

Better yet you can skip all the shopping and chopping faff and book one of our BBQ Packs, available every Friday. Check out the menus here.

4. Entertainment

Everyone loves a bit of entertainment in the form competition! Consider having a few games on the ready, to keep your guest entertained. Not everyone will want to participate but always great to have. These can either be in the form of physical games, i.e. Jenga, Connect 4, playing cards or even croquet. Or perhaps you could consider mind games like Articulate, Trivia or Charades: now you will see how competitive everyone really is. 

Alternatively, you could just have a great playlist on in the background, you should prepare this in advance. There are many trendy music providers with set mood playlists I.E Spotify and Apple music. Listen to them in advance just to be sure they are appropriate and give off the right vibe. Bring out your inner child and play musical statues, it is a classic for all the family.  

5. Decor

Keep it simple. Fresh flowers from your garden are great to have but not essential. You could have floating candles in mason jars as part of your décor and will lend to you later when it gets dark. You could also have tealights, white fairy lights, Pillar candles, tiki lights or even lanterns spread across the garden. These will create a great trendy atmosphere meaning your evening doesn’t have to end because it has gone dark. Citronella, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary or Eucalyptus are great to keep the bugs away.  

6. Equipment

Music is an absolute must! No party is complete without music in the background. We recommend a good old-fashioned BBQ stand fuelled by coal not gas; you cannot compare the flavour. Whilst gas is handy for convenience, it is a glorified outside grill, which produces the same food as your oven.  An evening heat source is handy to have may it be a chimenea or firepit, this is great to have for light and heat when it gets darker & cools down. Preload your firepit/chimenea ready for the evening. Make sure you plan your menu around how much serving equipment that you have, there is no use in creating an elaborate buffet and not having anything to serve it on! Take a look at our blog on How to Make a BBQ Stress Free.


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