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About us

DaChi, as in David & Chido, do you see it?

Our Story

Our name was born by coincidence when organising our wedding back in 2014. We needed a password for our wedding website and wanted it to relate to us both, so combined our names and DaChi was born!

David is our Executive Head Chef & Chido our Catering & Events Manager. David studied Culinary arts back in Ireland, whilst Chido studied Hospitality Management in London. Our backgrounds are 4* hotels, where we met in fact! The Kitchen department & Conference & Events team go hand in hand, so you can say it was somewhat inevitable.

We are extremely passionate about good tasty food and are sticklers for great customer service. So with that in mind, we decided to embark on the journey of Luxury Bespoke Dining Experiences in people’s homes. Hence, the name DaChi’s Restaurant to You.

Our Values

DependableWe know being trustworthy & reliable is important when letting someone into your home. This is why we stay on top of communication, so that you know exactly what to expect at every turn working with us.
AuthenticWe pride ourselves in being different from everyone else. No one needs more of the same in this life.
CreativeCreativity runs through our veins. We love rising to any challenge to create bespoke experiences that will have your guests talking for many years to come.
HospitalityOur love for Hospitality is why we are here. Being friendly, personable & approachable is a non negotiable for us.
IntegrityHonesty is key for us and we will always be transparent in our offering, pricing and always respect your wishes.

How we work

Whilst others prefer to cater for larger events, we revel at working on smaller intimate events. They are literally the best, there’s no hiding the service. It allows us to focus on wowing you and your guests so that you have a more personalised and personable experience.

You can trust us to look after your home, as if it were our own. Because every care is taken to ensure that the presentation of your table & food not only look good but are exceptional.

We are not for everyone and that is ok with us. We are for the host who is used to doing everything them self, the perfectionist, the life of the party, the one that everyone expects great things from and always delivers.

Personal Chef Sunningdale

Working with us is not just limited to the food and putting a plate on the table. We go above and beyond, so you don’t have to worry. We will happily answer the door as your guests begin to arrive, we will place your flowers from your guests in your vases, clean up spills and even keep an eye out on the temperature in the room.

Event Manager Sunningdale

Everything about our service is Bespoke; the menu, theme, décor, service style, drinks, gosh the possibilities are endless! We don’t believe at this level, that you should be forced to choose the same as everyone else; its all about you!

DaChi is all inclusive, we take care of EVERYTHING so you don’t have to! Think of us as your very own right hand, working almost unnoticed behind the scenes to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

After working with us you will wonder why you ever bothered arranging everything yourself. This is not us being big headed but feedback from all of our previous customers. What’s not to like about having your standards and wishes met without having to lift a finger to do a thing?!


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What people say about us

Don’t just take our word for it!

“…The icing on the cake was to come downstairs this morning to a clean kitchen & some lovely leftovers. Thank you for an unforgettable party..”

Fiona Bissett-Powell

“… I was worried about using a caterer I had not used before as I’m a perfectionist. So are they!…”

Jojo southwell

“… We enjoyed a fabulous night with family, relaxing in our own home & being treated like royalty …. it was unreal! If you want Michelin star food, service & ambience …

Sarah Cook