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How to Dress a Table for a Dinner Party

Dress a table for a luxury dinner party

Dressing a table for a Dinner party is the best part! Its all about setting the atmosphere. This encompasses the décor, music & lighting. Setting the tone for the evening and can be easily achieved when done correctly. This blog focuses on the things you can do with your table styling, to make your dinner party, stand out from the crowd. So, no how to dress a table for a dinner party.

Setting a Theme

Theming your dinner party is a great idea, to create an atmosphere. It serves to be a talking point over dinner and also gives your event that little bit more of a wow factor. You could theme your dinner party from the invitations, to the dress code, menu and table styling. Just bear in mind with the dress code, that you do not want to go overboard, whereby people are having to go and purchase too many items just for one evening. This can be overcome by going with a particular colour scheme which covers the theme or them having an item on them that incorporates the theme.

When styling your table consider the season & mood you are trying to create. For example, now that it is summer, think of things that make you think of summer like bright colours, sunflowers, lemons, limes, tulips or daffodils and being outdoors. So, you could use lemons & yellow tulips, to omit the colour of the sun making it feel more like summer.

Linen & Tableware

You will be amazed at how many different napkin folds there are! You can literally be as creative as you like. Some folds require a napkin ring, whereas others will use a bit of string or simply using an iron. Some napkin folds allow you to embed your menu in them, in some very creative ways. Whichever napkin fold you choose make sure you trial it before the day as some can appear to be quite simple and turn out to be quite complex to make. Please ensure that your linen is clean, free of stains and freshly ironed, creased table cloths do not make a luxury dinner party plus it will take away from your beautiful table setting.

Cutlery, crockery & glassware should be clean, polished & chip free, though this really goes without saying. It is essential that all the tableware matches, this makes the table more uniform and really reflects luxury; you really wouldn’t see a beautiful table setup with mismatching items.


This is where the magic happens, you can be as creative as you like with this part. As long as your table is big enough, that is! We would suggest doing a dummy setup with your plates and glasses to see how much space you have, to be able to do the centrepiece. Its better to be safe than sorry.

I would always suggest, having candles as they set the mood. You can get all different types of candles, stand-alone ones to those that float, which are quite pleasant as they sit on water creating another interesting element to your centrepiece. Just make sure the candles are not scented as this will take away from the flavour/aromas of the food. Flowers are also good to have, as they bring the colour into your centrepiece or you could use some sort of plants, these could be succulents or cactus’. Depending on your luxury dinner party theme, you could have pebbles, shells, water beads, pearls, tree slices, glass jars, Epsom salt, herbs, greenery like eucalyptus or bay leaves. You could literally put anything in your centrepiece! This is why I said this is where the magic happens.

You can find a lot of inspiration on our Pinterest or Instagram if you are stuck. For tips on how to plan your menu for a dinner party check out the blog David wrote. I hope this blog has given you some insight on how you can be creative when arranging a dinner party in your home.

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