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The Big Idea

How it Started

A few years ago David & I were sat in the back garden on a Summers night sipping on some wine. At this stage we were only dating. We were talking about our dreams and aspirations, when David said to me. “You know what I’d really love to do?” to which I answered “what?” He said I would love to start a business whereby we take the Restaurant to people’s homes. Intrigued, I said tell me more. He went on to say how he would create bespoke menus for these clients and provide a hassle-free service by providing everything. I said everything?! He said yes everything, crockery, cutlery, glassware, table linen, the works! I thought to myself what a great idea and we left it there.

How it Evolved

Strangely enough within that time we did a lot of entertaining at home. We found that despite our best intentions to stay in the room and enjoy our guests; that event’s would end without us having had a proper catch up with our guests. Why? Because we were running around between the kitchen and our guests. If it wasn’t checking on the food, it was drinks, if it wasn’t drinks it was tidying up, if it wasn’t tidying up, it was getting a blanket for that one cold guest. Its crazy because we know you have experienced this too; it happens to everyone and it is frustrating. All of a sudden everyone leaves and you suddenly think to yourself, I didn’t even really talk to Sarah! Conversations that you had planned to have, never happened because you were not present in the room to do so!

Fast forward 10 year later and David’s dream has become a reality! Dreams have a funny way of revealing themselves. We realised in that time that actually there is a gap in the market for this type of service. You see, we are sticklers for great food and customer service, having worked in prestigious hotels our entire lives. We found ourselves going to Restaurants and being underwhelmed by the entire experience. Either the service wasn’t warm and welcoming or the food was just a little bit meh. And menus from Restaurant to Restaurant were pretty much the same! For us Hospitality is about the experience; anticipating your guests needs, its about making people feel special, it’s about the wow factor, its about creating memorable experiences, from the food to service to the atmosphere.

How its Going

And this is why DaChi works and has been so successful. We deliver a personalised service whereby we go above and beyond, we create bespoke menus with any and all of your favourite foods, we don’t believe you should have to pick from a set menu. We give you that time to stay in the room; as we like to say ‘Stay a part of the conversation and not the preparation or dreaded clean up! We solve the problem of food, service, setting up and cleaning up all in one just so you can enjoy what’s really important. Being with the people who you invited into your home to enjoy them, to laugh and to create lasting memories for years to come. I mean I know that sounds slightly dramatic but its true! We only cater for events between 2- 30 people. Why? Because its personal, its intimate and this is where we shine.

And for those of you who haven’t quite figured out our name. Its not random, DaChi is a combination of our names David & Chido. Essentially its David & Chido’s Restaurant to You!

Now, for the purpose of the Giveaway please comment below with what you would ask David to make for your 3 course meal. The winner will be announced on Friday 3rd June 2022 at 8pm. You will be notified by email if you are our lucky winner! Full T&C’s can be found here. Good Luck!

39 thoughts on “The Big Idea”

  1. So excited for the giveaway- would love something that’s beef and potato for main and something chocolatey for pudding.

  2. Garlic Portobello mushrooms. We had this as a starter for our wedding breakfast in Skiathos and it’s was delicious.

    Fillet Steak, pepper corn sauce. This is my ultimate favourite main.


  3. I would love to have you cook for me and my husband- he works so hard and it would be an amazing treat. His favourites would be something seafood/fish to start, maybe talapia or scallops. Lamb for a main course, with green vegetables, and some kind of traditional pudding, he loves chocolate sponge pudding or sticky toffee. Thank you for reading

  4. I would love to win the prize draw. My 3 course meal would be Scallops to start, Fillet steak with all the trimmings for my main and a Tiramisu for dessert 😋

  5. For my 3 course meal I would choose:
    Coquille St Jacques
    Steak with Stilton sauce dauphinois potatoes and greens
    Vanilla crème brûlée

    Lisa x

  6. Prawn cocktail
    Panna cotta

    Husband fussy no fish no meat with bones, no lamb, no venison, no pork mainly chicken – hard work would love to win as my birthday is 25th June , I could have a night off

  7. No idea what I’d choose but we love Mediterranean food and my husband is gluten free. Arabic food is another favourite.

  8. I’d love to leave it to the chef.

    I’d love to see what he could come up with for a vegetarian meal that doesnt include lentils for the main or a fruit salad for dessert!

    Failing that,
    A great pate, heavy on the garlic!

    Main course a strogonof or something super fancy like a veggie Wellington.

    Rum and raisin ice cream or a chocolate tart or cheesecake.

  9. I would like the chef to surprise me! With the seasons best produce because I know what ever David makes it’ll be incredible!! But obviously is must include baileys panacotta for pud!

  10. I’m a pig, so not fussy – but would love..

    Raspberry panna cotta

    Just grateful I won’t have to cook for once! Thanks for the chance x

  11. Oh my! This is a challenge!
    For starters
    Something with seafood,!
    For main course
    A fish dish that looks and tastes exquisite
    For dessert
    Anything created around apricots

  12. Starter
    Mixed Greek starter saganaki, sardines, salad anything Greek and yummy!

    Main –
    a lamb dish we both love lamb just don’t have it very often – maybe Kleftiko

    Crème brûlée my favourite! Every time we’ve visited a restaurant recently they have always run out!

  13. I would absolutely love to win this, no idea on the courses but I’d just be grateful for the amazing experience Dachis would bring.

  14. I’d love a nibbles starter of David’s choice.
    Main – beef Wellington or steak with dauphinoise potato and green veg
    Dessert – you can’t beat a chocolate brownie and ice-cream.
    I’d love for the tidying up to be done for me.
    Sounds magical ✨️

  15. Having been following you for ages It would be such an amazing treat to have you cook for us…. We would keep it classic and start with salmon, followed by beef Wellington with dauphinois potato’s finishing with orange souffle with a white chocolate sauce YUM!!!

  16. This is such a hard question!

    Starter: anything garlic, mushrooms, eggs or salmon.

    Main: any of the above 🙂
    Salmon wellington maybe.

    Dessert: ohhhhh soooo hard! Crème brûlée.

  17. This is a great idea! My husband and I love lobster, steak, dauphinois potatoes and I love cheesecake and he loves sticky toffee pudding. A DaChi experience involving any of those would be awesome!

  18. What a great idea! My husband and I both love lobster, steak and dauphinois potatoes with creamed spinach. For desert I love cheesecake and he loves sticky toffee pudding. A DaChi experience involving any of these would be awesome!

  19. Oh where to start…. Anything you cook will be amazing.

    Starter – anything with prawns. A David twist on the prawn cocktail classic perhaps?
    Main – steak steak steak!
    Dinner – any kind of pavalova!!

  20. What a prize!
    To be honest, myself and hubby would eat anything as with a 3 week old and mid renovation, we’re living off toasted sandwiches!

    We love most food- meat, seafood, bbq…. If you’re cooking it, we’re eating it!

    1. David and Chido…

      Everything you cook seems absolutely divine, whoever wins this experience is going to be spoilt!

      Coming from South America myself, I would love to be treated to a Latin inspired type of menu.

      I’m thinking: plantain, Argentinian chimichurri steak, yucca fries, papaya and mango salad and a delicious coffee based pudding.

      Thank you for the chance to enter! Best of luck to the winner! 🤗

  21. David and Chido…

    Everything you cook seems absolutely divine, whoever wins this experience is going to be spoilt!

    Coming from South America myself, I would love to be treated to a Latin inspired type of menu.

    I’m thinking: plantain, Argentinian chimichurri steak, yucca fries, papaya and mango salad and a delicious coffee based pudding.

    Thank you for the chance to enter! Best of luck to the winner! 🤗

  22. This give away sounds AMAZING!
    We get married this year so this would be such a special treat for my partner and I.
    I’m always open to new ideas and dishes so this is super hard but probably steak with mushrooms (I love mushrooms) and dessert is even harder…cheesecake or sticky toffee pudding with loads of ice cream 🤤

  23. My dream meal would really be anything I didn’t have to cook (or clear up after)! But I would really love

    Starter with prawns
    Stuffed chicken and vegetables
    Anything with chocolate

    This would be such a treat for my husband and myself!

  24. What a fantastic competition !!

    I would like

    Starter: asparagus and hollandaise

    Mains: beef wellington

    Desert: anything chocolate 😋😋

    Do I get a double entry for being your WB?


  25. Chicken liver parfait with brioche to start or antipasti to share

    Steak to follow

    For dessert…a surprise

  26. What’s great prize, I would love to try the amazing Daichi experience. My choice would be a starter of your recommendation, Beef Wellington followed by a summery soufflé

  27. Love this giveaway!
    Would love any good food but the following g would be great:
    Starter: Beef carpaccio
    Main: Beef fillet (I like beef!!)
    Dessert: Anything toffee and banana!

  28. For the years I’ve been following you I haven’t really thought of what we would want!

    My favourite is tomato and buruta or mozzarella with bread and oil, main would be Italian or salads, or balmoral chicken and dessert something like a desert selection as your lemon and baileys deserts are amazing; but we love strawberry and chocolate too!!

    Too eclectic!!

  29. I would love to win this to celebrate my 50th next month. King prawns with chilli and garlic
    Fillet steak, fries and tender stem broccoli
    Warm almond and plum tart with a dollop (or two!) of cream

  30. What an amazing prize!!! And an even more amazing success story <3

    Whoever wins is certainly the luckiest!

    I would love a classic mozzarella, tomatoes, basil starter; beef wellington main; something outrageously chocolatey for dessert!

    Good luck everyone! X

  31. Hi. I have been following you for over a year and impressed by your journey and food!
    If I were lucky enough to win the prize I would leave most of the menu to you as you are the experts and we love to try new things. We particularly love seafood so may try to influence you to include that.

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