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5 Steps for Easy Entertaining At Home

How do you become the most successful, lavish and well-connected party giving person AKA hostess with the mostess and not a slave to the stove, listening from the kitchen to everyone else catching up and having the best time? How do you make easy entertaining at home?

When I talk about easy dishes to prepare, I’m not just talking about the food. After all, you don’t want to be still tidying up when the birds start singing. I’m talking about food that’s easy to prepare, easy to cook, easy to serve and of course easy to clean up afterwards.

Sounds good, yes???? Here’s my guide to 5 steps for easy at entertaining at home.

Step 1

Don’t over complicate things. Yes, I know we say this all the time but we are all guilty of it, especially when we get excited about something. It’s easy to blur the lines and because it’s in our nature to want to make something extra special we feel the need to go above and beyond sometimes. Good ingredients cooked well are far superior than great ingredients cooked poorly. I’d much rather have an excellent pasta bolognaise than an overcooked fillet of beef with luke warm vegetables and a tasteless sauce. It’s about easy entertaining at home.

Step 2

Seasonality: Remember your friends and family want to make the most of their time with you also. They don’t want to see you slaving away getting stressed. This is all the more reason to strip things back and just concentrate on flavours. Choose foods that are in season and let the flavours speak for themselves. We are coming into the best time of year for locally grown produce.

Step 3

Go big or go home: The best way to stay with your guests, and not feel like a roller blade diner waitress is to go big. It is fashionable and perfectly acceptable to pretty much serve your food on anything you like (within reason) Don’t rip the lid off your wheelie bin to serve your paella in. Use trays, chopping boards, slates, charger plates whatever you have, but the bigger it is the less trips you need to do back to the kitchen and the less washing up there is.

Step 4

Drinks: Cocktails? Champagne? Pimms? These are all great welcome drinks. Why not combine them and make a Pimms Royal. The beauty of this drink is you can have the Pimms and the chopped fruit already in the glasses before your guests arrive. When they do arrive just top up with champagne or Prosecco and enjoy.

Wine: Once again keep things simple. When you decide what you are cooking speak to your local wine supplier and they will happily recommend a good red, white or rose to suit your food and your budget. And remember, get them drunk enough and you can serve them anything!

Step 5

Go Cold

If your guests are lovers of seafood or antipasti why not make a huge seafood, sushi or meat platter and just leave it in the fridge until you need it. Crab and lobsters are coming into season and should be in plentiful supply. We recommend The Fish Shop in Camberley for your seafood platters, Misugo in Windsor and antipasti from Loic’s Deli in Crowthorne. With the addition of some tasty bread, sauces and condiments this is a stress free and very enjoyable meal. This will leave you with just plates and glasses and dishwasher stuff to clean up.

So to recap, we are looking at keeping things simple, creating seasonal big dishes that are simple and tasty that everyone can just help themselves to. Start with a base dish and complete it with separate condiments. This way you cater for pretty much everyone, by keeping carbs and the proteins and dressing separate your guests can choose what they want without feeling awkward. The same goes for the drinks, and there you have it 5 steps to easy entertaining at home.

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