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7 Great Reasons to Bring the Restaurant to You

Indulging in a fancy restaurant is a real treat, but let’s face it, those culinary wizards and their team have a lot on their plates. They’re juggling a restaurant full of diners all at once Add to this, the last three years has been the toughest the industry has faced for a long long time especially with staffing and costs adding more and more pressure to restaurant owners and managers which has taken its toll on a lot of establishments.

I’m not telling you to boycott your local restaurant, they need you now more than ever. But if you are looking for a totally different restaurant experience, an experience that is dedicated to just you and your guests; where the chef just cooks for you and the hostess can give 100% attention to only you and your lucky friends or family, then a restaurant to you experience could be the way forward. “There’s No Place Like Home”
Here are 7 great reasons why bringing the restaurant to you is just as good or even better than going out.

1. It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think

If you are looking for a company that literally brings everything to you and I mean everything then DaChi’s Restaurant to you should be top of your list.

Whether you are celebrating or hosting a get together; tell us your vision and we will bring it to life. Decide a theme, food & drink preferences. We create bespoke menus with only your favourite things on the menu; something you definitely wouldn’t get at a restaurant! Even if its an ingredient that you don’t like, we will happily take it out or replace it, that’s perfectly fine with us. It is all about you. Now invite your guests and show up. And that is pretty much it. We will get really busy while you decide what to wear. No Shopping, Chopping or Mopping for you!

On the day of your event, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home. No waiting for a taxi or jumping into a cold car or stressing you might be running late or worrying that you cant drink because you are driving. Just sit back and relax; well take care of the rest
The only reason you will need to leave your home on the day of your event is if you fancy a spa treatment or facial or maybe a round of golf or just a nice walk with the dog to build up your appetite.

2. It’s Personal

When I say it’s personal it’s probably one of the most personal experience’s you can have. You decide the theme, the colour of your table decor the candles, table linen, flowers, menu’s.

The Food: You can pretty much design a menu based on your favourite foods or be expertly guided by the chef. Whatever you prefer it’s fine by us.

The Drinks: Just like the food you can decide what wine or drinks are served with each course, maybe you have been keeping a nice bottle of something for a special occasion, it’s totally down to you. If you want something different then you can allow your hosts for the night to surprise you and pair the wines for your chosen menu.

The Music: Listen to your favourite music, and set the scene how you like it.

3. It’s Relaxing

Ah, there’s nothing sweeter than kicking back and knowing you don’t have to lift a finger except to tell your guests when to show up! We’re all about the chill vibes.

Dress code? Pshh! Wear whatever you want, it’s your castle! Rock your fanciest threads or slip into your cozy slippers – cocktail dress with slippers? We’re here for it!
No need to stress over timing. Latecomers? No biggie! Want to start early? Let’s do it!

This is just one of the many joys of having your own personal chef and serving squad. We’re here for YOU and only YOU! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy being a part of the conversation instead of the prep or dreaded clean-up!

4. It’s Suitable for Everyone

When you’re with very little ones or wise old folks, there’s no greater comfort than your own sweet abode. No crowds, no commotion, no unfamiliar faces. It’s just plain old home sweet home, the perfect spot to host a special celebration. Food designed specifically for you in your own cosy familiar surroundings is just peace of mind for everyone making it a relaxing enjoyable stress-free evening to remember for everyone.

5. Pets Welcome

Your trustee fur baby is welcome to join you if you like, after all they are part of the family. They can watch with anticipation that you might drop one of your canapés while you are sipping on your Champagne. They are more than welcome to lie under the table at your feet while you dine over your three courses, or they can sit and watch chef David whilst he is preparing and plating your food. Pets love David!!

6. Will It Rival a Restaurant Experience?

Yes it will. You will be invited to a truly unrivalled experience. DaChi’s Restadaurant to You can provide the crockery, cutlery and glassware. So no need to worry about having 3 different red wine glasses or not enough plates or no butter knives. We will transform your dining room into your own private restaurant, using your favourite colours to decorate and design your table and a menu designed to suit only your tastes and preferences.

7. It’s More Affordable Than You Think

A full restaurant experience in your own home with your own personal chef and serving staff dedicated to just you and your guests. Sounds amazing right?!

A few years ago you would have probably thought this was an option only for the wealthy. You are more than wrong, with the cost of everything dramatically increasing in the past two years and restaurant overheads spiralling upwards. A personal restaurant experience is now more competitive and enticing than ever.

And once you have paid there are no more surprises, no extra costs for bread baskets, water, speciality coffees, expensive wine and supplements for a the nicer items on the menu.

So if you have brushed aside the idea of dining at home there is no better time to change your mind. Having food created specifically for you in your own cosy, comfortable space ensures a relaxing and enjoyable evening for everyone. It’s a stress-free experience that will be remembered by all.

Go ahead what is the worst that could happen?? Maybe just one of the most relaxing and memorable evenings you have ever had.

We make truly memorable experience’s in your own home. Contact us if you are ready to bring the restaurant to you!!

And don’t just take our word for it. Here is a link to what some of our customers say about us.

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