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Hiring a Private Chef in Berkshire vs DaChi’s Restaurant to You Pt 2

Food & Drink

Last week we explored the booking process of the two different service offerings. Hire a Chef was noted to be more a self-service check out and DaChi’s Restaurant to You, more personal allowing you to have a meaningful conversation with the shop keeper. Here we are going to talk about the part that really matters the most; food and drink! We are going to explore the main differences of the Hiring a Chef in Berkshire vs DaChi’s Restaurant to You.

The Food: Hire a Chef Websites


With hire a chef websites, menus can be chosen at the time of enquiry or further on down the line once the booking has already been confirmed. There is a good variety of dishes and varying number of courses for you to choose to mix and match to design your own menu. There is different pricing available depending on the package you choose. Some courses offer more than one choice. The menu tends to be pre-set but there is flexibility to change them, should they not be suitable for your guests. You are however unable to design your own menu. Extras like Bread and butter are not part of the package but you are free to arrange your own.


Wines can be ordered with a discount code but you have to do this yourself directly with their wine merchant and you will have a minimum spend for the discount to apply. Wine pairing is available and again you will need to arrange this directly with their wine merchant. They will offer a couple of suggestions per course depending on your menu. Beverages are not included in any of the packages; you will need to arrange your own water and soft drinks.

DaChi’s Restaurant to you- Sunningdale


At DaChi’s Restaurant to You on our initial discovery call we discuss your food likes & dislikes. We don’t believe in asking you to choose from a menu; for us its about creating bespoke menu with only your favourite things on it! Whats the point of a celebration without the drool factor? You can ask for us to recreate a menu or particular dishes from a fond memory or leave us to work our magic. We have a number of cuisines available, like Asian Fusion, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean and British. Just one of the perks of having a chef with experience in various Restaurants and International Hotel brands. Your menu can be anything from 3- 10 courses. The possibilities are endless. To find out more head over to our service page.


Packages will generally include a complimentary welcome glass of sparkling wine for you and your guests, to compliment your canapes. Leave the details to us; we handle everything with our esteemed wine merchants, ensuring you receive the finest selections at exceptional prices. Should you desire an even more luxurious experience, upgrades to premium wine tiers are available at your request.

Generally, our wine packages allow for a glass and a top up per course. Please note we don’t mark up our wines the same as many restaurants do. For example, when you head to a restaurant and order a £20 or £25 bottle of wine, its true value is probably only £6-£7. With us you will be looking at a £15-£20 bottle of wine for a fraction of the cost.

However, if you or your other half fancies themselves as a wine connoisseur, we are equally happy to serve your wine with no additional charge. You have an unlimited supply of mineral still and sparkling wate. And there are other drink packages that are available at an additional cost.

The choice boils down to how much you want to be involved in preparing food and drinks for your dinner party. You can choose between two different types of services. Hire a Chef websites require more effort on your part, similar to do-it-yourself projects. On the other hand, DaChi’s service takes care of everything for you, providing a more hassle-free experience. Next week we conclude with service & everything else that makes up an event.

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