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Hiring a Private Chef in Berkshire vs DaChi’s Restaurant to You pt 3

The last of our series of hire a Chef in Berkshire vs DaChi’s Restaurant to You. So, we’ve discussed the booking process and the food and beverage options that each service offers. This week we will conclude the series with staff, equipment and what to expect on the day in terms of service. 

Day Leading Up To Your Event

Hire a Chef in Berkshire Sites

Leading up to the event you can confirm your menus choices via a portal and send an email to your guests for them to select their menus. 24hrs prior you will receive an email informing you who your chef will be and their arrival time is sent to you. Any questions you may have you can contact the relevant company via telephone or email. However, there is no opportunity to meet with your chef prior to the day of your event. Should you wish to have additional serving staff you will need to arrange this separately with an additional charge.

DaChi’s Restaurant to You Berkshire

Leading up to your event, Chido of DaChi’s Restaurant you will arrange a site visit at a time convenient for you. It normally lasts approximately 20-30 minutes; it gives you the opportunity to discuss logistics & the flow, ask any questions that you may have thought of as your event nears. It also gives us the opportunity to understand how long in advance we will need to arrive on the day. We discuss things like what equipment you have in your kitchen i.e gas/electricity, waste disposal, storage, changing facilities etc. Our primary goal is to seamlessly fit into your home on the day of the event without needing to bother you for anything. Additionally, it’s a nice touch for you to meet us before your guests do; our clients find comfort in this approach. 

Our core services include staff for Restaurant to You, BBQs, and Bowl food events. We have carefully selected a team that embodies our commitment to excellent customer service, with shared goals and values. We avoid using agency staff to ensure reliability and consistency. 

You are sent an event order a few days prior to the event, which is basically a snap shot of our service offering to you. We then call you 24hrs prior just to check in and make sure you know we have it all in hand and check there aren’t any changes following the event order.  

On the Day of Your Event

Hire a Chef in Berkshire Sites

The chef will arrive 1-2 hours before the event start time, depending on the menu complexity. You will need to have the table setup in advance and make sure that you have enough equipment to serve your guests. The Chef will be need to use your equipment including pots & pans. You will need to do an inventory of your equiptment. 

As your guests begin to arrive your chef will be tucked away in the kitchen putting the final touches to your meal. During this time, you will need to serve beverages to your guests. Your chef will serve your meal but might need help if you have 12 or more guests. 

Throughout the meal you will also need to keep your drinks topped up unless you have opted to have extra serving staff on hand.  

Your Chef will clean your kitchen and dishes you have used until they leave. You must provide tea towels and washing up liquid. You will then have to clear the dining room once your guests have left.  

DaChi’s Restaurant to you Berkshire

DaChi arrive 2-3 hours in advance to transform your dining room into a magical focal point. We will theme your table according to what we previously discussed or surprise you depending on what your preference was. David takes over your kitchen and begins to prepare your meal, with beautiful aromas filling your home. Increasing the anticipation for the bespoke menu that he curated just for you and your guests.  

We offer a complete set of crockery, cutlery, glassware, and table decorations, eliminating the need for you to keep track of matching sets or worry about breakages. Our glassware and crockery are top-notch, sourced from reputable brands like Churchills of London and Chef et Sommelier. 

As your guests begin to arrive, they will be greeted at the door by your hostess Chido with a glass of bubbles. Once all guests are present, canapés will be served on an elegant tray. Following this, guests will be invited into the main dining room where candles are already lit, and your hostess will be ready with decanted wines, still & sparkling water. Each guest will have printed menus so that all guests are informed of what to anticipate. Each course is served by your hostess and Chef David will come and introduce each course.

At the end of the evening, we begin the part everyone hates, the big clean up! Cleaning your kitchen and dining room; returning it’s original state, so when you awaken in the morning there is no reminiscence of the night before. Our team brings along tea towels, dishwasher tablets, and ensures that your floors are spotless. This is why our motto is ‘No Shopping, Chopping, or Mopping for you!’ 

Both options ensure you can avoid spending time in the kitchen. Opting for the hire a chef website provides a self-checkout method with the advantage of a streamlined booking process, from menu selection to the arrival of your private chef at your preferred place and time, making it quick and convenient for you.  An excellent choice for those seeking an affordable solution, offering assistance in the kitchen while being open to contributing to the tasks as well.

In contrast, DaChi’s Restaurant to You offers a more sophisticated and seamless service, delivering a personalised experience where everything is taken care of without you having to lift a finger. 

DaChi’s Restaurant to You takes the stress out of hosting a dinner party by bringing the restaurant experience directly to your home. From elegant table settings to exquisite bespoke multi-course meals prepared by the very talented David, every detail is meticulously planned to ensure a memorable and enjoyable dining experience for you and your guests. With DaChi’s, you can relax and socialise while our team handles all the work, creating a luxurious and hassle-free culinary event in the comfort of your own home. Book a call if you you’d like to find out more.

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