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How Do You Make A BBQ Stress Free?

An insight from a Berkshire BBQ Chef

Summer is around the corner, marking the beginning of the entertaining season! Many plans are made with the best intentions, and you find yourself stepping up as the host once again because hosting at your place seemed like a good idea. You start contemplating what easy yet impressive dishes to prepare. How can you maximize your time with your guests? Should you enlist more help? They say, “many hands make light work,” but do you really want your guests to be working hard? To fully enjoy the British summer, being outdoors is the preferred, if not the ideal, choice. This article will explain how having a BBQ Chef can ensure a hassle-free event.

Menu Planning

Organising the food for intimate events at home, with the increasing numbers of guests who may have allergies and intolerances, can become pretty stressful quite quickly. A BBQ chef can help alleviate these stresses that come with cooking for many. A BBQ chef will design the menu with you, to suit your tastes, preferences, priorities and guests. They understand good flavour combinations and can create some innovative dishes which are sure to impress your guests.


By hiring a BBQ chef, you take away the hassle of having to do your own shopping; this is no longer your responsibility. How great is that? No battling supermarket queues and trying to make sure that you have everything on your list. And of course as you know its never just the supermarket; but the wine from Laithwaites or Majestic, Waitrose, The Fish Shop (the best fish in area), Butchers and flowers too. Let the professional BBQ chef worry about that. Another added bonus is you won’t have to purchase a load of ingredients you do not usually use and be lumbered with having them in your cupboards for months before you throw them away.

Setting Up

Many BBQ Chef’s are available with an extra set of hands, though these tend to be chargeable at an additional cost to your chef. The Chef will arrive early to setup all that is food related. He will prepare all your food for you, ensure it is labelled and stored correctly. They will light the barbecue and cook your meal whilst you enjoy your guests.

Service & Cleanup

As you can see there are a number of advantages to having a BBQ chef for your next event in your home. They can take away up to 70% of the hassle that comes with having to cook for larger numbers. They create the wow factor, by impressing your guests and can take away a lot of the tasks which take you away from your guests.

At DaChi’s Restaurant to You our BBQ packages are all inclusive, the Berkshire BBQ chef, waiting staff, setup, service and clean down. To find out about how we can help keep you apart of the conversation and not the preparation, check out our BBQ Services.

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