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How To Host An Easy BBQ in Berkshire

How to host an easy BBQ? Seems a loaded question but it doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you are organised, it can be as simple as you would like it to be. Don’t let the numbers you are catering for intimidate you. As long as you follow the below steps you can have stress free BBQ.


This is probably the most uncertain part of your BBQ, our lovely British summer weather! Four seasons in one day, on what should be a summers day! Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the weather as a result. You may look at the weather forecast today for next weekend and it’s all blue skies and the week of the event, it turns out it will be raining. With this said, you just have to put a contingency in place. Have gazebo on standby or you can always serve the food indoors if needs be. Better yet get the fabulous Flexitent in for a stylish stretch tent.


Try to aim for no more than 20 people, if you are doing it on your own. Have good mix of people who can entertain themselves as you work away. Make sure to give them at least 3 weeks’ notice, to avoid disappointment of them not being able to attend. Like many of you know it is so hard to get people to commit, people can be flaky and it is exhausting; it’s like herding cats.

Food & Drinks

Ask your guests about dietary requirements in advance. I know it would be easier if they didn’t have any but it’s better to be prepared for them, than faffing around when they are there looking for an alternative to make for them. If they do come back with something which is out of your comfort zone you can always ask them, what you can make for them or better yet go onto Pinterest, where there are many great recipes, you could experiment with. Also don’t forget to ask them what drinks they would like if it is not BYOB , this just avoids you purchasing drinks that people will not drink, that you will be lumbered with after the event.


Personally, we love garden games, it’s a great way to get everyone involved. There is so much you can do. You can have a game of rounder’s, croquet or keep it as simple as board games or giant garden games. Flexitent does these too. Some people think games are for kids but funny enough these are the same people who become extremely competitive and it makes for a great afternoon of laughter, fun good food and drinks. Music is also essential to the atmosphere; it sets the tone well.

Plan Who Will Look After The BBQ

It’s handy to have an extra pair of hands to help you mind the BBQ if you are going back and forth. The last thing you want is burnt BBQ food, it’s really not a good look! Or smell!

Planning is Key!

You can prepare most of the food in advance. Marinating is great to do the day before, so that the flavours soak into the meats. The salads should be made on the day of the event. Try to opt for no more than 4 salads, this should be able to cover all your guests. Perhaps go for a leafy salad, a carb based one i.e potato or pasta, grilled vegetables and perhaps a tomato and basil and balsamic salad. Make sure that you check you have enough serving bowls and serving utensils to facilitate this.

Get all the drinks ready in buckets with ice, so the guests can help themselves, place it near the seating area so they don’t have to travel too far for them. Make sure there are plenty of glasses and a bottle opener nearby. Arrange the snacks in bowls in advance so that they just need to go near the seating area just before your guests arrive.

You should be able to have a stress-free BBQ as long as you plan all the different elements in advance and anticipate the needs of your guests during the BBQ. If all else fails you could contact us to either do everything and you can just sit back and relax and not have to worry about any of it! Or get one of our delish down for you BBQ packs that are available every Friday. They include freshly made salads, marinated fish and meat, vegetable sides and an assortment of delicious desserts to finish from the talent Victoria from Victoria Sponge & more. This option just leaves you with inviting the guests. Here’s our sample BBQ menus.

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