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How to make Christmas More Special

5 Ways to Enhance Christmas 2023

Naturally we all want to make Christmas special, not just for the kids but for the adults too. Because let face it, its the most wonderful time of the year! There are so many little things that we can do you make it a better experience than the year before. This blog goes on to tell you our top 5 tips for enhancing Christmas 2023!

1. Get Organised-Start Now

A friend of mine actually starts planning Christmas in January; obviously we are currently way behind, if we were going by her schedule and I know it sound crazy but it makes sense; it’s about getting it all in early. For example by buying gifts throughout the year or even just a month earlier, it leaves December open for just having fun! This way you can spread the cost and can find yourself some really great deals.

Getting organised frees up time to enjoy things like family days out to Winter wonderland, all the Christmas light switch on’s, Lapland UK, Windsor Illuminated, Windsor on Ice, Fairs & Christmas Shows and finally let’s not forget all the inevitable requests to meet up before Christmas!

You will also need to start thinking about what’s on the menu for the two weeks of Christmas, it’ll make life so much easier, because you will write a list for specific ingredients needed to prepare those meals and it just takes the stress out of it all. And don’t forget to book your supermarket slot in early. Whilst you are at it think about how you entertain yourselves too, do you need to buy any games, purchase any props and what will you snack on?

For some it feels like it’s too early to start planning. But imagine entering December knowing that everything is in hand? It really is bliss.

2.Little Ways to Make it Special

Special means different things to different people. Here are a few ideas:

-Christmas eve boxes
-Matching Christmas Pyjamas
-Decorating the tree & house
-Making a Christmas drink, eggnog, mulled wine or spiced cider
-Playing games; board games or Tik tok challenges
-Video conference for family across the globe
-Going to a pantomime
-Wearing Christmas jumpers
-Meeting up with friends
-Collating a Christmas movie list
-Christmas walks
-Workshops-wreath making, cooking classes
-Carol singing
-Christmas movies & song
Start a new Christmas tradition

3. Identify the Things That You Don’t Enjoy

Seems a strange point but it’s a very important one. Life is too short to be left doing things we don’t enjoy doing. And if there are ways to make it better or easier; do it! This could include but is not limited to cleaning, cooking, shopping, decorating, wrapping presents or even hosting.

Cleaning- Egham Cleaning services , Malden Window Cleaning, MAX Services (& oven cleaning)

Cooking & Hosting- DaChi’s Restaurant to You, The Thatched Tavern

Decorating- The Christmas Decorators

Wrapping- Let’s Get Wrapped, Jane Means-Gift wrapping service

There are plenty of reputable companies in Berkshire, who are able to offer all of these services as a way of convenience for you. Here are a few in the area. And of course we’d be the ones to call if you are hosting at home and don’t want to do any shopping, chopping or mopping. May it be a dinner Party for 8 or a soiree for 30.

4. Adding a Homemade Touch

You don’t have to do anything the way society suggests or the way anyone else says you should. You’ve got to do what works for you and your family. If it suits to you to buy in your entire Christmas Dinner from Marks & Spencer, so be it! If you decide to have your Christmas Dinner on Christmas eve or Boxing that decision is yours to make.

Maybe you love making your Christmas dinner but don’t like having to do it all, so perhaps look to local independent business to complete the finishing touches. This could be artisan products-we recommend Loic’s Deli in Crowthorne, Christmas pudding, Cook meals for Boxing day or days in-between. Or why not check out our Christmas Enhancement Pack, launching this weekend.

5. Give to Others

Christmas can be a very lonely and sad time of year for many as we reflect on those that are no longer with us. And whilst many of us are fortunate to share the day with our loved ones many others are not and there are things that we can do to make their Christmas that little bit more palatable.

Gifts for Kids | Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal | The Salvation Army

Volunteering for a Charity | Find volunteer opportunities -GOV.UK

Buy a Gift for Someone Escaping Domestic Abuse | Buy a Gift from Refuge

Donate to a Local Food Bank |Bracknell Foodbank | Feeding Local People in Crisis

Safe Bed for a Young Person | Centrepoint

Buy a Homeless Person Lunch Christmas Appeal 2023 | Donate to Crisis at Christmas

How’s that for an enhancing Christmas? We hope you enjoyed reading our 5 Ways to Enhance Christmas 2023.

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