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Why Chilli Sauce Is A Great Gift This Christmas

Chilli Sauce

Why The World Loves Chilli Sauce

It is no surprise that we have a love for the chilli pepper. It’s sexy, its spicy, it’s painfully enjoyable, and it’s even very good for you. In addition to adding a little chilli to our food we love to splash on a little chilli sauce onto our meals. Some might say that hot sauce is the new ketchup. We are adding it to every meal!!

The hot sauce industry is set to grow to a whopping $4.5 billion by 2030. That’s a lot of hot sauce!! Industry surveys show that 78% of us love to dabble in a little spice at least once a week and over two thirds of us have on average, two or more varieties of hot condiment in our cupboards.

With the demand ever increasing for hot sauce and hot sauce based products there is a also a huge explosion in independent hot sauce producers, along with platforms and festivals dedicated to this amazing little pepper. So get out there and explore.

Chilli Sauce History

If you think hot sauce is just a fad you are definitely mistaken. Hot sauce dates as far back as 7000BC and was originally created by the Aztecs.

The oldest hot sauce brand is Tobasco®, founded by Edmund Mcllhenny in 1868. Labelled in 36 different languages, it is a table condiment in over 195 Countries globally. 150 years on, it is still the benchmark for chilli sauce.

Health Benefits of Chilli’s

Chilli peppers contain capsaicin. It is a chemical irritant and neurotoxin. When we consume capsaicin the pain experienced makes the body release endorphins. It is common for people to experience pleasurable or even euphoric effects.

Capsaicin is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for relief of muscle and joint pain.
So on top of chillis making us feel happy, they have great anti-oxidant properties and are packed full of vitamins. Is there no end to these little peppers C.V?

Our Chilli Sauce Story

DaChi, like a lot of you love a little spice in our lives. When we were creating our 2021 BBQ package I decided to add a little more homemade appeal to our package. Since hot sauce and BBQ go hand in hand, I thought it was a no brainer to produce a couple of varieties of hot sauce. After all how hard could it be??

So after several days on the good old world wide web I headed to my local Oriental store to purchase some chilli peppers. To cut a long story short I had no clue what I wanted to make, so I just purchased a decent variety of chilli peppers, fresh and dried. And off I went.

Several hours later and two very irritated eyeballs and a semi paralysed tongue, I had produced not two, but four hot sauces. I’m not just blowing my own trumpet here, cause I’m actually quite a modest person, but I was pretty damn proud of what I made; they actually tasted pretty decent. That’s not me again, but genuine feedback from clients and friends.

I baptised them Smoky Scotch Bonnet, Kashmiri Red, Bullet Chilli and Chilli & Garlic. And so DaChilli was born. Do you see it??

Move forward a year and another sauce was added to the list, Grilled Pineapple & Mango Habanero. There has also been the official label design and packaging, which seemed to take forever to showcase our sauces and in the pipe line for next year is a Kimchi Sriracha hot sauce. So watch this space.

Saucy Santa Gift Idea

If you are looking for a unique gift idea then look no further than DaChilli. We are just starting production so only a tiny few have had the pleasure of trying our sauces. Plus if you are reading this and not just scrolling you will now know that, apart from tasting great there are many other reasons to have a bottle of chilli sauce in your cupboard.
For the Christmas Period we are launching our favoured three sauces, available from 12th November 2023 from our website.

However when the big guy takes a rest for the other 364 days, DaChilli will still be available.

So remember a bottle of DaChilli is not just for Christmas!!

Not All Chilli Sauces Are Made the Same

However not all hot sauces are equal. Some are high in sodium, sugar and preservatives and stabilisers. If you are looking for a more natural product than look no further. Our hot sauces are made with 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives or stabilisers.

They are also designed to add flavour to your food not mask the taste with just spice. Our sauces range from a mild to medium spice level. They are not stupidly hot. Just shake, pour and enjoy.

We are proud to be finally launching our chilli sauces. Its been a two year journey full of tears, burning sensations and lots of ooohhh that’s good moments.

We really hope you will join us on our chilli sauce journey.

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