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Your Essential Checklist For A Hassle Free Christmas

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice!!

Even Santa knows the drill, lists are the secret to success! As the countdown to the big day begins, it’s time to get those planning hats on and start ticking off those boxes. Don’t let the season sneak up on you like a spooky ghost on Halloween!

Whether you’re a star baker or a last-minute shopper, use this handy checklist to keep on top of the important stuff. Of course, every family has its own way of doing things, so feel free to mix and match the order of the weeks.

And hey, if you’re not a Christmas fanatic, don’t worry- you can still have a giggle at the lengths some of us go to for just one day!

4 Weeks Before Xmas

It’s that time of the year, folks! Let’s get cracking on the holiday prep by sorting out our meals for the festive season. But wait, hold your reindeer’s! When we say “season,” remember that the shops will be open again on Boxing Day, so it’s more like a long weekend.

Plus, did you know that we Brits waste a whopping 700 million tonnes of food every Christmas? Let’s not contribute to that sad statistic! Check out Waste Managed to see the eye-popping figures of food we throw away every Christmas.

Also, don’t forget to check with Royal Mail and Save the Student for the last postage dates for your gifts from your favourite stores. Get those Christmas cards ready to post next week, and if you’re planning on getting your groceries delivered, book your supermarket slot ASAP.

Oh, and if you’re a baking buff, now’s the perfect time to whip up scrumptious Christmas pudding and cake. Let the festive fun begin!

3 Weeks To Xmas

It’s tinsel time!! – let’s turn up the jolly vibes and get our house in the festive spirit! Dust off those boxes from the attic or head out to the fields to pick the perfect tree, and let’s go wild with all the glitzy, glamorous, and sometimes downright silly decorations we have accumulated over the years.

Post those Xmas cards and any overseas gifts. Finalise the number of family/guests over the festive period. Depending where you purchase your meat this could be the last week to pre order, especially for the Turkey.

If you have any family travelling from far away now’s a good time to arrange who is picking up who. Just allow extra time for delays. Airports and roads are busier than usual and of course the unpredictable December weather.

2 Weeks To Go

Getting close now!! Dig out those family recipes, you don’t want the mother-in-law complaining about watery gravy or soggy roast potatoes. Finalise your meals in and around Christmas and double check that shopping list.

Order your non-perishables, soft drinks and alcohol. Don’t forget teachers gifts if your offspring are still school going.

Check you have enough bed linen for overnight guests and you have enough crockery and glasses and chairs for everyone at meal times.

Presents; check everything is on schedule and you have enough wrapping paper, tape and tags and maybe a spare gift for anyone unexpected.

The Final Week

The last shove before the big day, when all your planning begins to come together. Organise cupboards and fridges to accommodate the food you have ordered.

It’s time for the big grocery shop and the visit to the butchers. Put the finishing touches to the table centre piece. It’s present wrapping time and check for any updates from the North pole.

It’s also a great time to allocate jobs to family members and prepare and freeze any items for the big dinner i.e. gravy, stuffing Yorkshire puddings etc. Go to Kate Hall at The Full Freezer for some awesome tips on pre freezing.

Lastly batteries, batteries, batteries!! Check you have the correct size and quantity!

Christmas can be extremely overwhelming and a stressful time for a lot of people. Please just take your time and plan as best as you can.

Most importantly try and enjoy yourself, It’s Christmas after all, a time for giving and enjoying. Don’t stress, it’s just a glorified roast dinner!

Download our more detailed 4 week checklist!!

For more tips on the build up to Christmas check out our up and coming blogs.

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